• Where is my home? And what is home? Can I make my own home wherever I want or do I have to find my place? What can I do if I’m unhappy and if I don’t feel settled?
    What is it that makes a home a home? Is it my fault if I'm not feeling at home somewhere or does it depend on people, furniture and other external circumstances?

    This film explores possible answers to the existential question "Where is my home?" that arises at some point in everyone's life.
    People from different countries and of different ages, with totally different lifestyles, talk about their personal experiences and reveal how – and if – they have found their home.

  • subsidized

    From September to December 2014, we launched a crowdfunding for 100 days. We were looking for people who liked our project 'of roots and wings' and wanted to help get it done.  In this way we were able to collect over 16,000 CHF to enable the project! (For more info click on the button on the left)

    Before the crowdfunding we  were able to pay the whole preproduction and the 16 days of shooting in three different countries almost completely by ourselves. Some of the money we collected by December helped us to pay for equipment and the production costs for the trailer. The rest we'll use for the post-production of the long version of the documentary. Because the 20 hours of footage are supposed to be transformed into a film that can be shown on screen. This means that Thomas (cameraman & editor) and I (writer & director), have several hundred hours of editing to look forward to. And after that we will have some more days and hours of graphic design, audio design, color correction and soundtrack composing ahead of us.

    It's wonderful that people we know (or not, as the case may be) liked the trailer enough to support us. Through their contribution, they did not only helped us to get some of the money to finalise the movie, but they've also become a part of the film project and will now be informed with a monthly newsletter on how the project develops.

    The documentary was finalised in january 2017.
    On the 4th of February 2017 we celebrated the national premiere in Thun, Switzerland.
    It was a wonderful event with over 200 guests who really liked the film. What a great reward to hear that people were truly touched by the stories of the protagonists. We've felt very honoured!

    The international premiere took place on the 8th of April 2017 in the oldest cinema of Germany, in Berlin Kreuzberg and was  a success too. It was great to show the film a second time in the cinema and to celebrate with the Berlin protagonists, friends and families.

    f.l.t.r. Marielle Wittwer Director & Producer | Stella Falderbaum Audio Recording | Thomas Schütze Camera & Editing | Patrick Maerker Soundtrack & Audio design

    The whole crew after the premiere:
    Marielle Wittwer Director & Producer | Stella Falderbaum Audio Recording |
    Thomas Schütze Camera & Editing | Patrick Maerker Soundtrack & Audio design


    WE ARE DEEPLY GRATEFUL and are happy about the many positive feedbacks!
    It seems like the movie is stirring up many thoughts and touching hearts.

    If you would like to order a DVD or Blu-ray version of the film, you can do so at the bottom of this website.

    During the coming year, the film will be submitted to various film festivals.

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    Marielle Wittwer studied film in Zurich and Berlin and lived in the German capital for four years. Living in this big city, far from where she grew up, evoked questions about home. 
    Numerous encounters with people who have left their roots too and were in search of home, inspired her for this film. 

    With her fine appreciation Marielle Wittwer succeeds to portray people in an authentic and approachable way. Deep thoughts and questions will be brought to the viewer - accompanied by exciting insights into the diverse lives of the protagonists. 

    In the summer of 2014 Marielle Wittwer moved back to Switzerland - her home - where she is currently working as a TV editor at Alpha Vision AG for the Swiss television.


    Marielle Wittwer

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